Gluten-Free Christmas Cake


A much loved family recipe, this 2kg certified gluten-free Christmas Cake is bursting with fruit. Carefully selected sun dried apricots, raisins, sultanas, cherries and tangy citrus, are soaked in Kaiapoi Distillery’s exceptional quality crafted brandy, warmed by the Canterbury sun and turned regularly over three days making the fruit plump and juicy while developing the flavours and heavenly aromas.

Fresh free-range local eggs and rice flour mixed with the finest festive spices help to bind the mixture. The cake is topped with nuts, cherries and ginger and once baked, is brushed with brandy and glazed with homemade Otago apricot jam. Each cake is then individually wrapped and regularly brushed with brandy during the four-month maturation process.

18cm x 18cm – approx 22 servings

Pick up from St Margaret’s College: 1-3 December

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